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Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are very good and desirable choice for the engagement occasions. You can find out many famous types of engagement rings in the market. Here we will look at a few prominent one. The first and a very famous kind of antique engagement ring is known as Louise ring. It is a 1950’s ring and made up of while gold metal, the central gemstone of this engagement ring consists of some other gemstones. The carat weight of this engagement ring is about 5 carat, it is available in white color however the central and the most prominent portion of this engagement rings consists of a number of colors such as black, orange, red etc. You can get this ring in a reasonable price of around one thousand two hundred fifty dollars.

Cassidy ring is another famous types vintage engagement rings. It consists of 18 K whitish gold metal whereas the central prominent gemstone of this ring is made up of diamond. It has approximately 0.1 carat weight and available in white color. It is a 1960’s ring. You can get it in just eight hundred ninety five dollars. These were two famous types of antique engagement rings that can make your engagement appearance more prominent.












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