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How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

There are several ways that you can resort to in order to know that your jewelry pieces are well taken care of. Investing a large amount of money in this type of asset you will want to find the most effective methods to help you protect your jewelry not only against thefts and loss but also against wearing and tearing.

This article will guide you on finding the right methods for Take Care of Your Jewelry and for your peace of mind:

     * Always keep an inventory of the pieces you have in your home place.

As a home owner you may be interested in purchasing a home insurance and in this way you can include this inventory list among the assets that the home insurance policy covers for. You should look for this aspect to be included in the policy as you may have to pay extra fees for this type of coverage; it depends of course on the insurance company and their terms and conditions. A god idea would be to keep also the photos of these pieces of jewelry and attach them to the inventory list.

      * It is recommended to keep your jewelry in a box or you can purchase an armoire that is specially designed for this purpose.

This item will protect your jewelry from becoming damaged as it is ‘equipped’ with special holders, compartments to keep the pieces singularly placed inside the armoire.

* If you want to go even further with the protection factor, you could use a hidden organizer.

This item is designed in various shapes and sizes to fit your jewelry needs. Once you have placed the pieces inside the closet organizer you can easily camouflage it by covering with other items. Hanging jewelry organizers are other items that can be placed in the dressing room hanging with clothing items.

     * Another way to protect your jewelry from becoming damaged or worn out is by always ensure a maintenance according to the precious metal needs.

Generally speaking, silver jewelry should be more often cleaned then gold pieces, while the ones made of platinum do not need that often cleaning and polishing. Check with the instructions that your jeweler provides for any piece of jewelry you have bought. Most of the reputable jewelry houses will provide this type of instruction whenever you purchase the items from them.


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