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Engagement Rings Tension Settings

Tension settings are a definitive in contemporary engagement ring design: their smooth, smooth lines and characteristic style highlights the flawlessness and magnificence of the stone as opposed to including diverting embellishments. These settings are not for everybody, be that as it may, and couples ought to comprehend the advantages and disservices of a tension design before picking a ring.

What are Tension Settings?

A tension design is a moderate ring setting where the precious stone or other gemstone seems to drift in midair inside the band of the ring itself. Initially designed in the late 1960s, this setting utilizes extraordinarily treated metals that have an inborn “springiness” to hold the ring set up. Instead of prongs, the whole band of the ring goes about as two huge prongs to hold the stone set up, generally with little cut corners that fit around the stone’s support. With a rigidity of 65-95 pounds, the stone is held safely set up with a one of a kind coasting appearance.

At first, numerous couples are worried about the security of tension settings since the stone is just held set up through two purposes of contact instead of the more common four or six with prong settings, or even full contact settings, for example, flush or bezel designs. As a general rule, be that as it may, the stone is held more safely in a tension course of action than in an exemplary prong style in light of the fact that the metal is by and large more grounded than that utilized for prongs, and a greater amount of the metal is in contact with the stone than through slender prongs, in this way giving a more tightly, more grounded fit.

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Engagement Rings Tension Settings

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