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Best Vintage Engagement Ring Ideas

Vintage engagements rings are getting more and more popular for their hand crafted beauty and old world charm. These are made by intricate work and hand cut metals or gems. Most couples including celebrities choose this type of ring for its unusualness and with a belief that their marriage or love would get to eternity. As every diamond have different cut and faceting there are different varieties present in this type of rings. You can find vintage style rings in precious gold, platinum, Rose gold and diamond.

The gold vintage rings specifically belong to the Victorian times and the design replicates the styles used in 1800s. These are considered as the token of love which represents the romantic era of that time and often come in beautiful constructions. The platinum ones are inspired from the Edwardian era when gold was considered heavy and old fashioned. These are also termed as filigree for the delicate work on the rings. The diamond ones are inspired from the designs famous after the First World War and termed as Art deco. These make use of exquisite rubies, sapphires, emeralds, gems, and different patterned diamonds. The cuts of these vintage engagement rings are very unique which makes them more expensive. All these rings give the stunning charm to its wearer from unique work and use of material.










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