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Best Mokume Gane Engagement and Wedding Rings

In case you’re searching for really unique wedding jewelry, a mokume gane wedding band could be an extraordinary decision. This antiquated Japanese procedure for blending metals makes rings with an unmistakable wood-grain design that will knock some people’s socks off for a considerable length of time to come.

mokume-gane Shopping Tips

As you shop for a mokume-gane wedding band, remember the accompanying tips.

Get a Precise Measurement

Be exact in measuring your ring size. It can be hard to resize a mokume gane band, since there is regularly a conspicuous intrusion in the example. In the event that you are requesting your mokume gane ring on the web, have you finger measured precisely by an expert gem specialist.

Consider Metal Durability

Consider to materials. Certain metals, similar to iron, can be illogical in rings. You will most likely be unable to get your ring wet or permit it to be presented to specific materials. A few rings require a liner metal so they don’t stain your skin. While picking a mokume gane ring, go for common sense and also great looks.

Check for Comfort

Consider the state of the ring shank. Since mokume gane rings can be very significant, you might need to pick a solace fit ring with adjusted edges.

Shop Around

mokume gane rings arrive in an extensive variety of examples and metal blends. Find out about every one of the choices before you pick your wedding band or engagement jewelry.











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