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Best East West Marquise Setting Engagement Rings

An east west marquise setting can be an unmistakable and exquisite decision for an engagement ring, wedding band, or right hand diamond ring. This sort of surprising setting is wrong for everybody, in any case, and couples ought to deliberately consider whether it is the best decision for their jewelry.

Most extended pearls, including ovals, emerald cuts, and the decreased marquise stones are set in a north south arrangement where the longest part of the stone extends down the finger, opposite to the ring band. An east west setting, in any case, puts the jewel over the finger, the long way along the ring band. This can be a more down to earth setting in light of the fact that the broadened parts of the jewel are less inclined to be gotten on various items, and an east west setting can be extremely complimentary to thicker fingers that may overpower a thin stone set in the customary north south game plan.

East west or flat settings additionally have an exemplary vintage advance since they were most well known during periods when less diamond accents were utilized and the long way setting could upgrade the hallucination of a more detailed ring. Today’s settings arrive in an assortment of styles, yet they are still sufficiently strange to be particular and eye-getting.









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