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Bella’s Twilight Engagement Ring Real Diamond

Since the series of Twilight books and movies have developed so well known, a ton of ladies are asking for a ring like Bella’s Twilight wedding/engagement ring, which she receives from Edward Cullen in Eclipse. As indicated by the story, this ring had a place with Elizabeth Masen, Edward’s natural mother, and it is intended to be a bit vintage looking. Edward presented this token of everlasting adoration to Bella in a dark satin box, so on the off chance that you are presenting it to someone you cherish, you might need to go with the same pattern.

Description of Bella’s Ring

This ring is described by the essayist, Stephanie Meyer, as follows: “The face was a long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold – sensitive and limited. The gold made a delicate web around the diamonds.” Since the description is somewhat huge ambiguous, jewelers have diverse interpretations on precisely what this ring looks like.

In the event that you need a ring that is precisely similar to the one Bella wears in the film, you might be in a tight spot. The formally licensed imitation ring is no more drawn out accessible available to be purchased and there are no plans to restart generation of it. You might have the capacity to discover it on a bartering site like ebay or perhaps at a bug advertise. In any case, there are other similar inspired-by versions accessible.

You can find some photos of Bella’s Engagement Ring below.














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