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Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

For couples searching for unique diamond cuts for their jewelry, an Asscher cut can add identity and independence to their style. The exquisite Asscher cut engagement ring outline is quickly picking up prevalence as an advanced contrasting option to more customary decisions.

The Asscher Cut Diamond Shape

The Asscher cut diamond was initially made in 1902 by the Asscher siblings of Amsterdam, Holland – eminent lapidaries in charge of cutting various choice pearls, including the well known 3,015 carat Cullinan Diamond, which is presently part of the British royal gems. The Asscher stone’s particular shape – square with profoundly trimmed corners taking after an octagon – is some of the time called the square emerald cut, and is likewise a sort of changed pad cut.

How It Is Created

An Asscher stone is cut with a progression of numerous parallel strides, making a lobby of-mirrors impact when looking profoundly into the stone. These means make more inside refraction and diamond fire than ordinary stride cut stones, for example, the extended emerald cut or the brilliant, which has just somewhat trimmed corners. Since this diamond cut has been only licensed, each authentic Asscher diamond has the Asscher family badge and a unique ID number embellished specifically on the stone’s support. These imprints are just unmistakable under high amplification, however a gem specialist ought to have the capacity to show them to imminent purchasers to check the diamond’s realness.

Vintage vs. Modern Asscher Rings

Vintage Asscher diamonds are prominent in craftsmanship deco engagement rings. The style was mainstream in the 1920s, however the generation office shut in 1930 inferable from troublesome times during the overall Great Depression. They revived in 1945 and kept outlining Asscher cut rings and other rich jewelry.












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